History 3907B was held in the Winter of 2015 and taught by Dr. Shawn Graham. The course was entitled Data Mining and Visualization, and promised an interesting perspective on presenting historical research.

This is the class that swallowed me up, chewed me to pieces, and then spit me out at the end. It will come as a surprise to many people to learn that despite dropping the course, I am still mentioning it here. The reasons for this are simple. First, in this digital age, everything you do – especially online – never really goes away. Traces of them remain, so it makes sense to at very least acknowledge it. Second, and in my mind, more importantly: in doing scholarly work in the open on the web, one invites themselves to be critiqued and watched by the community. To a certain degree, this culture of openness and sharing forms the foundation of the work many digital humanists are doing today. The community celebrates and shares everyone’s successes, but they also do the same with failures. By announcing my failure, by sharing what led to it, others can learn from my mistakes.


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