The End (or is it?)

It was a wild ride of a semester, and ultimately, things just didn’t go the way I had planned or hoped. I was so excited for this course, so excited to learn something completely new in the context of my history degree program that I’ve become so disenchanted with. I was hopeful that this, this would be the thing that would help me find my place, and decide to stick it out to finish out my degree.

I learned a lot. About being a historian, about digital humanities, about what I was capable of accomplishing. I never would have thought that I could have possibly learned so much while still feeling like I failed so completely.

Thank you, Dr. Graham; for having faith, for pushing me, for checking in when you knew I was struggling. I appreciate it beyond words, and I deeply regret not asking for help sooner. You’ve hands down been my favourite professor of my undergraduate, and more than anything; you’ve shown me that I don’t want to be a historian, at least in the traditional sense.

I say this is the end, because I’ve dropped the course. But should I stay on my path at Carleton, I’ll be back. This course challenged me more than anything I’ve ever possibly done before, and that alone warrants a better conclusion than this.

So hopefully, this isn’t a goodbye; it’s just an “I’ll see ya later.”

Kathryn Greenan


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