Module 3: Accepting ‘Failure’ and Thus Moving Forward

I’m going to be looking at Exercise 1: Close Reading with TEI for this one. I’m pretty sure that Exercise 2: Regex, is significantly more applicable to my project, however, I’m generally trying to focus on the exercises that challenged me.

Overall, compared to the struggle I had with APIs, XML was a cakewalk. I did, however, run into the same type of error with this exercise: I made a silly mistake by reading through instructions too quickly. I thought I had to create my own .xsl, and it was only after reviewing the files in the folder that I discovered my error. Overall, I was pretty happy with this exercise. It was tedious – very tedious. This was probably the one exercise that I had to take the most breaks during. You never really think about it, because you look at screens all the time. However, there’s a very big difference between casual serving and actively working on a machine, it’s tiring! I did get a little frustrated as well; but through all that, I feel accomplished. I’d barely even heard of XML before doing this exercise, so to actually be able to produce a decent looking product is pretty cool!

The key here I think, is that the attitude I learned to adapt from module 2 – that is, that I will make mistakes – kept it almost… fun? It’s been very hard for me to accept that just because things don’t work out perfectly the first time I try them, that I haven’t failed. Such a mentality is what kept me frozen in fear in regards to starting my exercises, so it’s felt like a massive leap to be okay with just sitting back and saying “I’m done for right now.” I knew that I would eventually figure out what I’d done wrong, it wasn’t like I was just some anomaly that all these things just wouldn’t work for. It may have meant that I “lost” half an hour of work time to eat dinner and chat with my roommates; but ultimately I probably saved myself an hour of hangry, (yes, anger brought on by hunger) blurry-eyed unproductivity. It’s the acceptance that sometimes ‘losing’ time, is actually saving time.

XML transitioned into something pretty in browser


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