Module 1: Baby Steps.

Module 1 dawned, all bright and shiny and hopeful.

Module 1 Exercise 3 asked us to set up our open notebooks. (pretty well a combination of a blog, our github repo, and Notational Velocity) I was so excited, I’d been trying to get into using Notational Velocity since first year, but I’ve always found myself frustrated with how bland it looks, the lack of spell check, and feeling like it was too cluttered. Little did I know, that all I needed was markdown to make everything right.


Notational Velocity became instrumental in this course, and really in general for me. (if only because its compact size makes it work very well with the way that I prefer to work – with twelve different windows open and the ability to access them all without doing the fun slide thing on my Mac, but I did come to love and appreciate that feature when working on later modules)


This open notebook concept was thrilling, and as much as I adore Notational Velocity’s ease of handling; my new-found love of markdown sullied our relationship a bit. See, try as I might, and this was actually one of the few things I did ask others for help with, I couldn’t figure out how to get Notational Velocity to save my notes in a format that I could upload onto Github in markdown. That and it doesn’t play nicely with my habit of organizing files after I’m done with them.

Frustration abound.

And so, I begrudgingly committed myself to transferring all my notes over from Notational Velocity to Dillinger.

It is beautiful and I am content


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