Module 5: In Which We Prett-ify and Think About Accessibility.

The amount of time I spent playing Type Connection while doing this module was a little excessive. I deeply enjoyed it, I don’t think I’d ever thought about how big of an impact fonts had. That, as a whole, was probably the biggest takeaway I had from this module. In addition, thinking about accessibility, not only for the average purveyor of my data, but one who has disabilities as well. But that’s enough about my excitement over fonts and colours. The exercise we’re looking at is the 4th, on Layout.

In case it hasn’t been clear up until now, I like things to look ‘nice.’ In this situation, it meant using one of the templates made by Ugo Sangiorgi – because who doesn’t want to make a poster that’s basically a circle.

In all seriousness, I really liked the components of Sangiorgi’s template. It is completely different from any other conference poster I’ve seen before, it was interesting without sacrificing information. The circular format made it easy to see where one should start reading from; as well as leaving the inner circle mostly free for images and what-not.

And then I tried to manipulate it.

As I sat there, staring at this:

I re-thought my stance on having a visualization that actually looked nice. And then I kept trying to make it work, trying to come up with a way in which I could feasibly use the template (given my limited knowledge of Inkscape) without destroying it. After a few more minutes, I stopped, looked at the whole thing, and just said, “screw it.”

It seems like a harsh thing to say, and maybe it is. But I already knew I wasn’t going to presenting this assessment in the form of a poster. It didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to go into the exercise full-steam – it just means that I finally understand that it’s okay to put an effort into something, and if it doesn’t work, that’s okay. I can move on.

So I present the glory that is my poster:


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