Conclusion: Are We There Yet?

Oh, but where are we going, friend? If you mean the end of term, then why yes, we are quite nearly there. Do you mean our adventures in digital history? Goodness, I hope not.

I started this term terrified of failure, scared to even dive into the world of data mining for fear of disappointing or embarrassing myself in front of my peers and instructor.

And quite frankly, I stayed there until about a week ago – paralyzed.

To be quite cheesy, now I stand, quite nearly on the other side of this adventure – and I can see the light. Was I challenged by this course? Goodness, yes. Did I make it approximately 20X more challenging and stressful for myself by managing my time horribly? YES.

The running themes of my exercise review were pretty well: “You’re going to make mistakes, it’s okay.” and “Good golly, this stuff takes a long time!”

Digital history takes time and patience. I’ve never really considered patience a strong suit of mine, but this was finally the thing that managed to give me some semblance of it.

Regardless of how ‘quick’ my journey was, I truly believe I came out of this course with a solid set of skills that will continue to serve me long after I’m done my undergrad.



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